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Last Updated: Apr 21, 2017 11:53AM PDT
Assessing a Candidate using the Prevue Booklet Entry
Some Prevue users prefer to administer Prevue Assessment using the paper booklet method. This booklet is administered by a Proctor who either times the first four sections of the assessment or plays the Prevue Administration CD. This process ensures that the candidate’s identity has been confirmed, the candidate has fully read and understood the instructions, and the assessment is completed without third party assistance. In many cases, multiple candidates are assessed at the same time using the paper booklet method. The booklet must then be entered into for scoring and to produce the necessary reports for each candidate. To learn more about building reports for a candidate who has completed the assessment, please read the How-To Guide – Building Prevue Reports.

Manually Entering a Booklet Assessment

STEP 1: Access the Administration Column
To begin, click on the menu heading titled <Administration>.

STEP 2: Choose Import Data & Select Manually Enter
Scroll down to <Import Data> and select <Manually Enter>.

STEP 3: Enter Candidate Details
Once the page loads, complete Part One of the screen, namely, the required fields such as the Candidate’s Title (Mr. or Ms.), First Name & Last Name.

Note (Opt): You may fill out additional information such as e-mail address, telephone numbers, categories, language and address for work and home, but these are not mandatory fields. There is an additional blank box that may be used for sharing notes with other logins on your account.

Note (Opt): The candidate may be added to an Activity by selecting an Activity from the drop down menu located below the candidate’s name on the left hand side of the screen. Any instructions set to be carried out automatically by the Activity will take place once you have finished inputting the candidate’s answers and click “Continue”.

STEP 4: Enter Date Assessment Completed
Use the drop down menus for Month, Day and Year to indicate when the candidate completed the booklet assessment or it will default to the current date.

STEP 5: Select the Assessment Scope the Candidate Completed
Indicate which sections of the Prevue Booklet assessment were completed and will be input into the site by placing a dot in the appropriate radio dial located to the left of the three scope options. The dot will appear next to the Full scope by default.

Note: There are only three (3) assessment scopes available for the booklet entry method. You will only be required to enter the assessment sections associated with the scope that you have selected.

STEP 6: Select Continue
Select <Continue> to proceed to the next screen on which you enter the candidate’s answers.

STEP 7: Enter the Candidate’s Responses
Begin typing the candidate’s answers into the empty text boxes for each section of the scope you selected in Step 5.

Note: Leave any questions that were left unanswered by the candidate as blank.
Note: For this How-To-Guide, the Full scope was chosen in Step 5 and the next three screen shots display the booklet sections associated with the Full scope.
Once all the answers to the completed sections have been inputted (as previously indicated in step 5), click on Next at the bottom of the screen. Clicking <Next> saves the candidate’s answers inputted and the page refreshes to display the Candidate Details page.

STEP 8: Candidate Details Page
The page displayed is the Candidate Details page. To purchase the candidate’s reports, click on Pay before you opt to View or Save the reports.

Note (Opt): You may access the Candidate’s Answer Sheet by clicking the hyperlink titled Assessment WNS1S2IP (or the letters associated with the assessment scope selected in Step 5, that is located in the top right hand box of the Candidate Details page).

Note (Opt): If you added the Candidate to an Activity, you may receive reports for the Candidate automatically and the reports will be paid for when the Report email is generated.

Note (Opt): If you elect do not elect to Pay, View or Save reports at this time, you may continue working in another area of Prevue Online or exit the site.
Some reasons you may opt to not pay to view the reports include:
  • Candidate’s booklet assessment is being inputted, but reports are not necessary until a later time (typically when a hiring decision is being made or second interviews are being held)
  • Candidate’s booklet assessment is being inputted as part of a Concurrent Study or
  • Prevue Online account does not have sufficient Prevue Credit balance to pay to view reports, but you wish to input the candidate’s booklet answers at this time
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